Peppyburg is ...

Guests of the City

If you don't know the city - Peppyburg will be your best guide around the most interesting places. It will show not only the most touristic places, but also it will open up the secrets that even indigenous people don't know about.



Unusual date around secret and romantic places. Completing the challenges together will help to get to know each other and the city better. You and your date will never forget this perfect day.

Parents and Kids

You can conquer this city with the whole family. Kids will be glad to find codes and solve easy riddles, while parents will be solving more complex tasks. 


Even if you know everything about this city, Peppyburg will help to get to know the city better and open up unusual places and secrets with interesting legends. 


With Peppyburg you can spend time in a fun and unusual atmosphere: walk around, play and just have fun, while getting to know the secrets of the town.


Peppyburg can help improve the team's spirit and the ability to solve issues in a fast manner. And the time will fly by in the fun lane. 






Iphone App


iPhone app is currently in development.


New Book

It has taken us a long time, but it's finally here!

We are proudly presenting the first book "Peppyburg: Dreamlike Petersburg."

During the quest you will learn: 

  - where to find the treasures in the downtown of St. Petersburg.

- why there are so many cat monuments in the city.

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We have began a contest for the best photo of the Peppyburg's conqueror.